Business Specifications

The self-service laundromat that we are proposing is equipped with professional washers and dryers that can be used autonomously. The client uses tokens or coins in the machines, each machine has an instructions panel, making it easy to use. The environment inside the self-service laundromat is comfortable and clean, the waiting time can be made more pleasant with a refreshment or reading area.

The entrepreneur

Opening a self-service laundromat is quite simple and requires a relatively small capital investment. The entrepreneur must have a keen sense for analyzing and identifying the best site, which must be in a strategic location of the city, town or district, and for evaluating the public’s habits. As far as the design, layout of the interior and its appearance are concerned, the highly-qualified Self Service Wash team will lend its expertise and help the entrepreneur avoid making mistakes.

Clients and market

Several things have changed over the years, and more people than ever are using coin-operated laundromats. These include students, tourists, young couples in small apartments, singles and people washing their oversized comforters instead of having them dry-cleaned. To meet clients’ needs, laundromats generally have flexible hours, staying open 12–14 hours/day, every day.

Investment and resources

The investment for opening a Self Service Wash laundromat depends on the dimensions of the building: approximately 45m2 are necessary for an efficient, appropriate laundromat. About 5 washing machines, 2/3 dryers, a coin dispenser, a single-dose detergent dispenser, a table for folding laundry and set of chairs fit comfortably in this space. For the most part, no masonry work is necessary, but the building’s electricity and plumbing systems need to be made suitable. No workers are necessary for the laundromat, only 1 hour/day is needed to clean and check the place, and the owner can cover this role.

Business Plan

Hypothesized Self Service Wash laundromat of approximately 45m2, with 3 8-kg. washing machines, 2 13-kg. washing machines, 2 dryers, a single-dose detergent dispenser and a coin dispenser.
Hypothesized proceeds
15 customers/day x €9 each, including detergent (medium load) 135 €
5 customers/day x €12 each, including detergent (large load) 60 €
Daily Total €195
Monthly Total (30 days) €5,850
Annual Total €70,200


Hypothesized fixed and variable costs
Rent (estimated at approximately €800/month) €9,500
Publicity €1,500
Bookkeeping €1,200
Miscellaneous and Cleaning €500


Electricity and water (approximately 20.25% of turnover) €16,000
Single detergent packets €2,000


Final Results
PROCEEDS €70,200
COSTS €30,700


Please note: These figures include VAT. The recoup of the initial investment is estimated at about 2/3 years. This hypothesis does not include leasing and financing payments.

Bureaucratic process

No license is required to open a self-service laundromat by Self Service Wash, you only need conformity and permission to discharge the water in the municipal conduit since it is considered civil wastewater.