Open your own laundromat

Open a token-operated laundromat and become your own boss!

Self Service Wash allows you to start an entrepreneurial business with a reasonable initial investment. Our price quote is for the creation of a turnkey token-operated laundromat.

Am I free to use the detergents of my choice?

We do not impose any restrictions on the type of detergents to purchase: you can decide which products to use, we will recommend some low-cost, high-quality products.

Can I choose the furniture for the laundromat on my own?

Yes, you can choose the furniture for your laundromat. Should you prefer to have us take care of the furniture and every aspect of the interior design of the laundromat, you need only request so.

How do your washing machines work?

We make washing machines that can accept any type of payment system: coin-operated (10 cent to 2 euros), token-operated, or one with a central payment system.

What other additional services can I have?

We can provide you with advice on additional services like: ironing service, repairs, and more.

Would you like further information?

Contact us for free and without any obligation: we will clarify any questions you may have. Our price quotes are for “turnkey” operations and include all costs necessary to open a token-operated laundromat.