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We will be your trustworthy partner from the initial technical and commercial evaluation phase of choosing the furniture to be used for your laundromat, right through to the planning and installation of the washers and dryers.

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We use Girbau brand machines. Girbau is synonymous with the highest quality performance while respecting environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Additional services upon request

If you so request, we can take care of your laundromat’s interior design to make it cozy and functional and guarantee you the best launching of your new business with an effective publicity campaign.

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Even in the post-sales phase, thanks to our professional staff, you can receive assistance throughout Italy in order to offer impeccable washing and drying services to your clients.

Why open a Self Service Wash?

Your own business even with a small initial investment

We take care of maintenance: you will have a lot of free time on your hands

People are increasingly using laundromats to save time and money, and because they don’t have enough space for a washer and dryer in their own homes.

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