Open a token-operated laundromat

Opening your own token-operated self-service laundromat is a true business opportunity. We at Self Service Wash, along with Girbau, guarantee you the creation of a turnkey business operation that is easy to manage, provides high returns and quality service.


We guarantee the lowest water and electricity consumption.


With Girbau, we are able to offer you a token-operated laundromat of the highest quality standards.


Beyond the initial consultation, we offer assistance throughout Italy.

Impeccable results

Girbau washing machines are not only easy to operate, but are extremely delicate on clothes while washing them to perfection.

Super Centrifuge Washing Machines

Girbau washers spin 1000 rpm and do not need to be secured to the floor.

Long-lasting, reliable machines

Girbau washers are built to last: they are made of stainless steel and come with a 2-year guarantee.

The broadest product range

We offer the broadest range of washers and dryers on the market to meet our customers’ needs.

Maximum flexibility

We do not bind you to any contractual formula, such that you are free to choose the detergents and even the graphics for your laundromat.

Minimal time commitment

Managing a token-operated laundromat takes only a few hours per day.

Minimal initial investment

The initial investment to open a laundromat is very reasonable: you’ll start earning very soon.

We take care of all the problems

We will provide you with a “turnkey” laundromat and resolve any problems that arise.