Agorà, il format per una lavanderia self service comfort green

The Agorà format is based on an innovative self-service laundromat concept, combining excellent, professional service with a new way of thinking of getting the laundry done. Doing the laundry becomes an occasion for a pleasant break for oneself.

In order to match the waiting time for the service with time for oneself, the Agorà format provides an attractive, enjoyable, setting:

  • a homey living room where you can take a coffee break, with your favorite book;
  • a workstation where you can connect your electronic devices and work, watch a movie or listen to music;
  • a meeting place, where the waiting time becomes a pleasant choice, not a mere necessity.

The Agorà format is based on the custom-made design of both the architectural structure and the interior, studied in detail according to the building layout and the Client’s expectations.

All woodwork and interiors are self-produced or carefully chosen from selected commercial products.

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Excellent professional service: our token-operated laundromats are of the highest quality standards.

Green energy

Electricity provided comes from 100% renewable sources of energy and CO-free Natural Gas.

Ozone laundry systems

Innovative ozone washing. It works in cold water wash cycles, without streaking or leaving chemical residue.

Healthy setting

The walls of the laundromat act as natural air filters, thanks to the stabilized lichen tiles.

The Environmental footprint is immediately recognizable

Particular attention has been given to the structural design so that all the services are easily accessible, even for people with disabilities.

Moreover, every solution is carefully created to reduce the environmental footprint:

The machines are the most innovative and efficient, guaranteeing excellent, rapid results, along with water and energy savings.

Electricity provided comes from 100% renewable sources of energy and CO2-free Natural Gas, with guaranteed and certified provisioning.

Innovative Ozone washing: ozone has been recognized by the Italian Health Ministry as a “Natural product for sterilization” that transforms washing water into a strong, cleansing detergent which, following its use, turns into pure oxygen without leaving streaks or chemical residue. It works in a cold-water cycle, making it possible to wash whites, darks, and delicates all together to save time and energy.

The walls of the laundromat are transformed into natural air purifiers, thanks to the stabilized lichen panels and an innovative mineral paint.
Small-scale vertical gardens in natural lichen create a pleasing sense of well-being. The lichen in these panels is stabilized through a particular process that makes use of solely natural substances. It thrives on the humidity in the air, thus regulating humidity levels in its environment. Thanks to the lichen’s hygroscopic movement, it dissuades insects and dust; it is also self-extinguishing and has excellent insulating properties, reducing voice frequency by 90%.
The walls are painted with an innovative product: a 100% natural mineral paint with patented technology that purifies the air, eliminating viruses and bacteria and reducing such air pollutants as NOx, SOx, NH3 and CO. It likewise reduces the surface temperature, eliminates odors and prevents growth of molds and microbes.
A 100m2 surface painted with this product reduces atmospheric pollution with the same efficacy as a 100m2 forest.